Fan Testimonials
Purchased "White Christmas" & "The Best of #1 & #2" at the Delaware Show. I liked your music so much, I am ordering the rest... D. Henkel
Met you at the Louisville Christmas Show & absolutely loved the three CDs I got. Must have more.... M. Horne
Saw you at the Holiday Market in Greensboro. Love your music. I have 5 CDs and play them every evening. I would like to order the entire set.... J. Morris
I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the CD I got at Saunder's today. Just hearing you was a blessing.... Janice
My CD Library is up to 6 John White CDs. They are my favorite and I have enjoyed them so much .... M. Drumheller
Just wanted you to know how awesome your music sounds. Thanks for sharing your talent with us! ...C. Slogh
I"ve enjoyed the CD. It's wonderful... C. Bell
Really enjoyed your gospel CD. I really believe that your hands are touched by God. The CD has been a blessing to me... J. Talbert
I purchased 4 of your CDs and your style of piano playing is fabulous. I cannot express in words how much I am enjoying each of them... M. Hickman
It was a pleasure to meet you at the Patriot Center in Fairfax. I purchased your CD titled "The Best of" and just finished playing it. I have never heard such beautiful music and the style in which it is played is unique to me. This is what I call music... D. Goodgion
The "Sands of Time" is wonderful! Keep me posted on new events. Thanks... Barbara R.
We continue to enjoy your music! My husband and I were always big Floyd Cramer fans, but we have switched to your CDs... D. Price
We certainly are enjoying your "Country Leisure" tape. We thought Floyd himself had arrived in our family room... B. Davis
We heard your music at Clarksville Festival. I told you my husband is a singer. He loves your music and sings to it. Your CDs play almost every day... Nancy C.
Bought three of your CDs at Greensboro Holiday Market. Enjoy them very much. They give me inspiration. You have great talent... C. Kirkman
Your music is awesome !!! j. Kanansky
Your music is superb. Keep up the good work and please let me know when you make more... R. Youells
I have played all of your CDs in 4 days. They are terrific. Thank you.. J. Peterson
I feel compelled to write you this note & thank you for the beautiful inspirational music. Those hymns are from my youth also, and it is a pleasure to hear them played so beautifully... R. Patty
Let me express that I love your music. My impression of your music is the future Floyd Cramer.... P. Whitecotton
Hymns of My Youth was just beautiful and so inspiring; it was like being in church... S. Coble